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Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Flooring

What type of coating systems do you use?

Our liquid floor coating system is a revolutionary hybrid polymer chemistry manufactured exclusively for PremierGarage. It is superior to epoxy in UV resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, long-term durability, maintenance, and shine. Also installation and return to service time is quicker than DIY epoxy.

My house is brand new. How will you prepare the floor before coating it?

We start by grinding any areas of concrete or stucco spillage, and then we treat and degrease oil spots. Next, we grind the concrete surface to prepare it for the coating. Many companies only acid etch or sandblast the concrete, which is not sufficient to create proper surface bonding.

How do you handle some small cracks in my floor?

We repair all open cracks, including those in your expansion or “tool” joints, if applicable. Additionally, we repair large surface imperfections. Note that extensive crack and/or patch repairs may be subject to additional charges.

How long does the entire process take? When can I put my car back in the garage?

Our floor coating system can usually be installed in just one day. In most cases, you may return to full use of and park in your garage just 24 hours later. Weather conditions such as low temperatures or high humidity may extend the installation and return to service time.

My garage is full of stuff. What do I do with it while the floor is being coated?

We help move it out! Part of our service will help with the transport of your items outside the garage space we are working on your floor. We do however recommend to expedite time and lower cost, items in your garage be moved before we arrive.

What is the best method to clean my NEW floor?

We recommend mopping the floor with a string/rag mop and a cleaning solution that consists of 5 – 6 ounces of CLEAR ammonia per gallon of water in a bucket with a wringer mechanism. For our fine chip systems, we recommend hosing the floor with a standard garden hose with spray nozzle attachment, then utilizing a foam squeegee (also available from PremierGarage) to remove the excess water from the floor. Do NOT use soap-based products, as these leave a film that reduces the shine and can become extremely slippery when the floor is damp or wet.

How long will my floor last?

Our floor coating systems have a life expectancy of 10 years under normal use and proper cleaning and care.

What is the floor coating warranty?

Each Dealer is an independently authorized dealer, please contact local provider for details.


What are your cabinets made of?

Our cabinet boxes are made from industrial-grade materials and are finished on both sides with thermally-fused melamine laminate. This material will not delaminate, peel, bubble or discolor, and cleans with a soft cloth and household all-surface cleaners. Cabinet shelving and the top and bottom decks are made from 1″ thick board for strength and durability.

How are your cabinets put together?

Rest assured that at PremierGarage we do not subject our cabinets to staple abuse! Our cabinets are built using the highly engineered European 32mm system using computer controlled machinery and high quality fasteners, the same method as is used in fine cabinets and furniture. All interior side panels are drilled for easy, precise shelf adjustment.

How long does it take to install your cabinetry?

Our professional installers arrive at your home with cabinetry ready to install. Using 4″ long, hardened steel installation screws, we mount each cabinet directly to your studs, install shelving, hang doors, mount handles, and, of course, clean everything when complete. While most installations are completed in one day — some may take less or more, depending on size and complexity of the job.

So, will I have to refinance my house to afford this quality system?

We sell a premium, high-grade product at a fair price. Our systems are sold by the individual cabinet — each piece is priced separately, so you can design your own system and tailor it to fit both your needs and budget. Our systems are also easily expandable, so you can add onto your system as your budget allows. Because every garage is different, you’ll need a quote from a dealer for an exact price.

Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely. We put our name and reputation on each product we sell. Contact us for warranty information and our cabinetry guarantee.