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Polished Concrete

Years ago, the only real choices for concrete floors were vinyl, hardwoods and carpet for business settings and residential applications. With concrete polishing, you get a beautiful stone like surface that’s easy to clean, looks incredible, is slip resistant and can be colored to match any décor in your setting. Concrete Polishing truly is the perfect combination of function and form.  Now trending, homeowners, contractors and businesses are more and more aware of concrete polishing.   Stunning polished concrete are now popping up in retails stores, drug stores, big box stores, schools, homes, hair salons, showrooms, and more.  It’s becoming the smart green solution for the old problem of what to do with those gray dingy concrete floors.

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Polished concrete is smoother, has a greater shine, and is more slip resistant.  And did we tell you how easy it is to maintain?

When people think of Concrete Polishing, they often picture a drab, grey material used for the foundation of homes, unfinished basements and sidewalks; but consider the concrete floors that you see in large retail stores and in many industrial areas.These industrial strength floors are durable, decorative, and beautiful.

Homeowners everywhere are beginning to understand all of the advantages that concrete polishing has to offer. You can take dull and drab concrete and turn it into a shiny and lustrous floor with a long life and durable surface. We will use tools and expertise to polish your concrete, making it less porous and more beautiful than you ever imagined. Now you don’t have to rip out and replace old flooring every few years – concrete polishing changes all that!

Concrete polishing is very similar to sanding wood. When sanding wood, sandpaper is used to remove small imperfections and make the wood smoother. Polishing concrete is much the same except that, instead of using sandpaper, we will use a concrete polisher. The concrete polisher is a machine that stands upright and can be pushed across the floor. On the bottom of the polisher are pads that have discs in them that are filled with shattered pieces of diamonds and other hard rocks. This makes the discs strong enough to smooth over any rough edges, cracks or uneven areas.